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Comparative LMS

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LEARN Platforms and Features

Learn LMS is inspired by Moodle and is using its open source learning management system, hence you can see the full blast features here.

Benefits for the school

The role of the school


PROVIDE QUALITY online education with strong but economically sustainable and effective infrastructures.

The Role of LEARN LMS. The application will be installed in the school’s website (domain) and ALL learning resources will be stored, processed and retrieved by unlimited number of users in the servers.

Benefits to the school: No licenses and subscription fees, just pay only for the support and a small amount for the maintenance. Total control and protection of students data and information.

Students are taught and focused properly

The roles of students


The very important role of a learner is to LEARN.Another in this platform, the learner should follow class schedule and login to his/her LMS ACCOUNT. (Parent may assist the primary learner).

Check dashboard for announcements and activities. Message/inform the teacher he is present via session indicators. Check email.

Follow instructions given by the teacher all the time. Do not open any application/program if not told by the teacher. But can message a classmate, review lessons or view activities and videos in the panel.

Take down notes on lessons. Can make some comments or ask questions either direct or by group.

Can upload assignments and other related materials.  Download is also offered.

Educational and role playing games are available if allowed by the policies.

Sample site on how to access Learn LMS

Teachers are equipped and engaged

The roles of teachers

PLATFORMS:  (Note: Teachers must be fair and balanced)

The TEACHER will facilitate ONLINE/LIVE CLASSES using the LMS where s/he can explore resources or create unique class subject design using an easy content making tools for images, sounds, videos and presentations.

Prepare exams and quizzes in a unique manner. –Attendance is checked via session indicators. Domain-based chat/messenger is in-placed for live class interactions. This is non-social media application.

Desktop/Laptop/Gadget display of students can be monitored by teacher if policy provides it to make ensure the kids are learning properly.

Publish official announcements using WordPress. A per level sub-domain site will be created for this purpose to host unique and interactive site for the learners. Calls maybe performed if necessary.

Transmit  important/confidential matters via school domain-based and personalized email to parents (all students and parents will be provided by school’s official email addresses).

Parents are dynamically involved

The roles of parents, guardians and cohorts


YOU ARE THERE to support your kid for his/her study.

COHORTS have their own accounts in the LMS, They are registered by the system and attributed to their respective learner. Have their own personal email address given by the school.

They can check dashboard for announcements, activities and calendar. Check email for any important communication from the school or teachers.

Assist the learner especially the primary to go with the lessons and the use of gadget or computer.

Comments or suggests if allowed by policies. Can make some comments or ask questions either direct or by group.

Limitations: They can’t take or answers the exams and quizzes.  They can’t join the session or classes with the learners but they are allowed to assist the learner.

Attend meetings either onsite or via a video conference.

Learn statistics and monitoring

“Learn LMS, we offer authentic and fresh courses created by teachers for learners.”

With our energetic and dynamic content authors and teachers, we surely manifest that our courses and activities are fresh and authentic. Created with love and passion to education for our learners. We do not recycled learning plans and implementations. We do have enough tools and application creating our very our modules online and offline. With the help of these tools, we can make a learning more focused and goal oriented.

It is with great desire that the Learn portal will become the benchmark of success in the Learning Management System and we’re proud to share with you the noble task of providing quality learning environment for your institutions.


Reasonable Cost

Learn LMS comes with a domain, premium hosting and email package for a reasonable cost. Compared to other LMS in the market today, the price is so high by either double or maybe more. We’re giving leverage to the school to earn also…so they can pay their staff right or give incentives to them. If you have queries, please email us at learn@isms.ph

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Learn LMS will be installed in your website. Thus, a school website/domain is necessary.


Learn LMS is powered by Moodle